Ceramic fillings in one appointment

CAD/CAM technology by  CEREC 3D at Allander Dental Care  delivers  natural looking ceramic fillings in just one appointment.

The Cerec 3D system works by taking an electronic impression of the tooth requiring treatment. The dentist can then view this on screen  in three-dimensional form. Once your dentist has traced the area that is to be restored, the integral CAD/CAM system communicates the design to a built in milling machine and produces the inlay there and then. This is a single visit procedure with no need for impression taking.

CEREC fillings using CAD/CAM technology

Advances in technology have made it easier to get perfect teeth in minutes. The CEREC procedure uses a sophisticated CAD/CAM system to produce ceramic fillings.

A further advantage is that the ceramic material used to manufacture the inlays and crowns is both extremely strong and matches the tooth’s own material properties with excellent aesthetics.

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Before ceramic filling
After ceramic filling