Preventive Dentistry

We all want a long lasting, healthy-looking smile. Regular visits to one of our team will help prevent gum disease (periodontal disease), bleeding gums and decay. We will advise you on diet, smoking cessation and oral hygiene instruction. We can arrange treatments to ensure that your teeth are meticulously cleaned and all plaque and tartar deposits are removed.

Regular dental check ups

To keep your teeth healthy you should visit your dentist every six months. Allander Dental Care will help you keep to your appointment schedule by sending you reminders. Your dental check up will identify any early signs of tooth decay and whether you need any treatments. Dental care for children is also a priority at Allander Dental Care and we’re part of the Childsmile programme which is making a real difference to the oral health of Scotland’s kids.

Some people may be more prone to gum disease than others so we may recommend they visit us for more frequent check ups. Increased tobacco and alcohol use can lead to poor oral health, while people with diabetes and pregnant women may also need more regular dental check ups.

Call us on 0141 956 3191 to book a dental check up.

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