Tooth Whitening

Healthy teeth sometimes darken with age and the problem can be made worse with excessive tea, coffee, red wine consumption or smoking.  The fact is that yellow or stained teeth can be unsightly and affect confidence. Whether you choose power whitening or a more cost effective home kit the results delivered by the team at Allander Dental Care can be remarkable.

Zoom! tooth whitening

One-visit tooth whitening from our dental practice in Milngavie is possible thanks to our innovative Zoom! whitening system. It is completely safe and pain free. First we’ll examine and clean your teeth thoroughly before covering your teeth with a light-activated, low concentration hydrogen peroxide gel. Then all you have to do is sit back, listen to some music and relax while we use the whitening lamp on your teeth. The Zoom! procedure only works on natural teeth and is not suitable for patients under 18 or pregnant women.

Interested in whitening your teeth at home?
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Treatment After (no watermark): 
after Tooth Whitening
after Tooth Whitening