Tooth Whitening (cont.)

At-home tooth whitening

At Allander Dental Care, we use the Opalescence At-Home teeth whitening treatment. With this system it is possible to gently whiten your teeth by eight measurable shades.

At-home teeth whitening, takes place under the supervision of your dentist. On your first visit we take an impression of your teeth and make a custom-fitted 'tooth tray'. This is precision made to fit your mouth comfortably, allowing the teeth whitening gel to be applied evenly over the surface of your teeth.

On your second visit, your dentists will fit your trays and give you the gel that will whiten your smile. They'll take you through the simple process for teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home at a time that's right for you.

You will need to use these products once or twice a day for two or three weeks to achieve sparkling white teeth. The exact procedure we recommend will depend on the condition of your teeth.

Brighter smiles can give you confidence for a new job or on your wedding day.
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